The Complex Systems & Security Lab is one of the leading  Italian research institutions on Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). In this field, research activities are focused on the development of innovative and strong multi-disciplinary methodologies, tools and technologies to support the study of large infrastructures in terms of their behavior, threats, vulnerabilities and management.



NICS Lab is an international Security research group led by Javier Lopez, Full Professor of the Computer Science Department at University of Malaga. NICS is composed of 20 persons, including faculty members, post-doc researchers, top PhD students, and technical and management staff, being distributed on two different locations, the university premises at Andalusian Scientific Park and the Computer Science Department at Campus Teatinos.



The KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks operates within the University of Cyprus. Its aims are to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the area of intelligent systems and applications to the design and management of large-scale complex systems with emphasis on safety-critical and trustworthy systems. The Center’s research application domains include energy & power systems, telecommunication networks, water and environmental systems and intelligent transportation and health systems.



MCIP Lab - Roma3

The Models for Critical Infrastructures Protection Laboratory (MCIP Lab) is a teaching and research facility on Critical Infrastructures Protection. The main research topics at the Laboratory are in the fields of

The staff of the Laboratory is also involved in the graduate and undergraduate education programs in Computer Science and Automation Technology at the Roma TRE University.